Dawn, 2000 from the series 'Scaffolders can't fly'. 125cm diameter, C type colour photographic print, laminated in plexiglass


Simon Read


After completing postgraduate studies at Chelsea School of Art in 1975, Simon Read concentrated ways in which, through photography he could explore the meeting points between objective record and subjective response. To this end he started building his own photographic apparatus in order that the idiosyncratic characteristics of the equipment would become actively a component of the resulting image.

Since 1980 he has lived on the Suffolk Coast and has taken his work into a renegotiation of his relationship with landscape. Towards this, he has developed mechanisms that echo the principle of panoramic photography in that still images are made in time. At first this was to explore the experience of approaching land from the sea; this led later to another kind of scanning process, more like a circular radar screen that continually creates and erases information. As an arrested still image, this emphatically becomes a slice of time.

He has exhibited extensively both in the UK and abroad and his work is represented in a great number of private and public collections.

Over recent years he has extended his activities to encompass public commissions and is currently exploring the potential in an interdisciplinary collaboration upon the cultural implications of landscape change, with particular emphasis on where this applies to the coast.